30 March 2018

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March 30, 2018

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Toxic Substance Protection Bill Approved in the Vermont House


The Vermont House approved S.103, a bill to protect Vermonters from toxic substances, on a vote of 96 - 42 Thursday.  


“In 2016, southern Vermont was shaken by the discovery of the toxic chemical PFOA in private drinking water wells. That discovery was a wakeup call for the ongoing threat posed by industrial chemicals. The bottom line is that Vermonters deserve to know what toxic substances they are exposing themselves and their families to. This bill takes a modest but important step to better protect Vermonters, especially our children, from toxic chemicals. When Vermonters drill a well for their home or tap a water source, they deserve to know what harmful chemicals are present in that water before it’s used for drinking water. With federal efforts on toxic chemicals being led by Trump administration officials more interested in protecting corporate polluters than public health, Vermont must step up efforts to protect our citizens,” said House Speaker Mitzi Johnson (D-South Hero).


“The Intergovernmental Committee on Chemical Management established in the bill will ensure that the chemical inventories in the state are evaluated on an annual basis,” added Representative David Deen (D-Westminster), Chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife. “This will streamline our ability to identify risks to Vermonters’ health and to the environment. With this bill, regulations will tighten on manufacturers of children's products that contain chemicals of high concern and new drinking water wells will be tested for dangerous contaminants prior to use. This bill is a necessary step to make sure Vermonters know what harmful chemicals they may be exposing themselves or their family members to.”



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