14 April 2017

For Immediate Release

April 12, 2017

Contact: Katherine Levasseur

(802) 828-2245

MONTPELIER, VT - On Wednesday, the House voted 82-63 for a legislative compromise that encourages moving forward with merging the state Lottery Commission and the Department of Liquor Control. The House will take up a bill next week that establishes a working group to achieve the merger goal. The working group will develop the process changes and critical statutory changes to ensure this merger’s success.

The proposed merger has broad support in the House; however, a more detailed plan for long-term implementation is needed before the merger can move forward.

The Governor’s Executive Order went through several months of committee process in which members of the Governor’s Administration were invited to testify before legislators. Although the General, Housing, and Military Affairs Committee found the concept desirable, it also found that the timing of the merger was hasty and the details were incomplete.

“We agree with this merger in principle, but we need to take our time and make sure that there is a thoughtful, thorough plan in place,” said House Speaker Mitzi Johnson. “The Committee conducted comprehensive consideration of the Executive Order. I am supportive of their work on new legislation that establishes a working group to study the best path forward to merge these Departments.”

“The Department of Liquor Control and the Lottery Commission interface with many businesses and many individual Vermonters across the state. I’m excited about the possible efficiencies of a merger and look forward to a thoughtful, thorough process in implementing the change. We need to make sure we get this right.”

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